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Who can be a student freelancr?

Unilancr is open to current UK university students and recent graduates (of up to two years). You can study any subject or degree type; you just need to be enrolled (full or part time) at a UK university institution or have graduated from one less than 2 years ago.

We opened up Unilancr to recent graduates because we understand how much the pressure can be once you have graduated to find a job and begin your career. We hope Unilancr provides you with a place where you don't have to rush into your career if you don't want to, where you can learn, develop and earn freelancing the amazing talents and skills you have.

To keep the platform safe and secure, you may be asked for proof that you're a current UK university student or recent graduate before you're approved for the site.

We hope you enjoy your time on Unilancr and it helps you develop, earn while you learn and build towards your future career - in whatever and whenever that may be.

Disclaimer: It is important to note, Unilancr is not responsible for any of your personal or business tax requirements. It is also made clear it is your personal responsibility to ensure you have the legal right to work in the UK and Unilancr holds no responsibility in ensuring this fact.

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