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What is Stripe and why do I have to sign up?

We use Stripe to process payments on the Unilancr platform. To safely use the platform and make sure you can get paid, you’ll need to register with Stripe to start applying for jobs.

Here’s a quick guide on how to sign-up.

The first step is to head over to your Search Jobs page and click the ‘Apply’ button on one of the jobs. This will trigger the Stripe registration process.

- Select your country.

- Select what type of user you are (for most freelancers, you are probably an "individual" rather than a "company".

- Fill in your details

- Provide details of your work. To do this, select your industry, then click ‘add a product description instead’ and describe the services you provide.

- You'll then get a summary of your registration details. Click "Done" if they're right and head back to the Unilancr platform.

On the Unilanr platform, Click apply again and you'll be invited to provide your bank details. Fill them in and click "Add".

Click apply on the Unilancr page one more time and provide Stripe with proof of you ID and address. Stripe will then verify you - this can take up to a couple of days. We understand this part can be tedious but its part of Stripes security checks and part of what keeps Unilancr a safe place.

In the meantime, you could make your profile and we'll email you when you've been verified.

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