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How much to charge, jobs available and experience.

Here's a some information that will help you as you get started as a student freelancr.

How much shall I charge?

When you’re getting started as a freelancer, it can be difficult to know how much to charge.  Charging between £10 and £50 per hour might be a good starting place A few things to bear in mind to help you decide could be; have you worked in the area before, or are you only just getting started? Is your skill broad or niche?Have you worked on similar projects before? If so, what was the hourly rate in those?

Try building your portfolio first, then, as you complete more projects you can start to increase your hourly rate.  

What kinds of jobs are available?

Types of jobs on offer span across a wide range of subject and skill areas on short term, longer term or reoccurring basis.  As we expand the amount and variety of jobs on offer will only expand so it make take a little patience. In the meantime create your profile and keep an eye on live jobs on the platform.

How much experience do I need?

Unilancr doesn’t require you to have a set amount of experience. We believe university students are talented, capable and host a huge amount of academic and commercial knowledge.  Focus on presenting yourself as honestly as possible – showcase your skills by adding portfolio items that describe the work you’ve accomplished, and let them speak for themselves. You’ve got this!

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