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How Freelancrs send proposals

When you find a job you’d like to apply for, you’ll need to send through a proposal. Here’s how you do it:

First, click "apply" on the job you like, then click "create proposal".

Then you will be able to write a description of your service proposal for the job. Here is your chance to really show what you can do and why you would be great for the job. You could include a little of your past experiences, what you're proposing to do and how. Remember, it's important to make sure your proposal aligns with the job description.

Once you've done your description you can then outline the task(s) you propose to fulfil the job. Some jobs might be a simple, one task job such as a logo design, while other projects may require multiple tasks to get to the end goal. Remember to give each milestone a description.

Your tasks can be individual milestones (one-off) or repeating milestones if its a reoccurring task such as social media management. For repeating milestones you're able to toggle the cycle duration (whether its weekly or monthly) and the hours per cycle. For example if it's a 4 hour job that occurs monthly, you would select 4 hours per cycle and the duration as monthly.

Finally, put in your hourly rate and submit your proposal. The job poster will then review proposals and accept one. We will let you know via email if you are successful or unsuccessful. Remember, especially as the platform grows it might take a little while to get accepted. The best way to improve your chances is to make sure your profile is complete, clear and highlights your skills and talent.

Good luck!

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